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Welcome to the Ducklings Room. We care for babies aged 3mths to approximately 20mths. We understand what a worrying/anxious time it can be for parents to leave their babies and return to work. Our settling in sessions are designed to ensure you feel happy and confident that your children will be looked after by highly qualified dedicated staff. We aim to provide babies with a warm, safe, secure and stimulating environment where they can build relationships with their allocated key workers. We offer a spacious area for the young children to play, learn and have fun in, as well as sleep, changing and dining areas. The nursery provides all meals and drinks with the exception of formula milk and we are able to store breast milk if needed. We have a weaning menu for children under one year old. We will follow your baby’s normal routine to enable your child to settle and feel as comfortable as possible in their new surroundings.

All the children are allocated a cot and their own sheets and blankets which are colour coded and labelled for your child’s use only throughout their time in the Duckling’s Room, these are washed weekly or when required. We ask you to provide nappies, wipes and cream for your child and a change of clothes. Each child is designated their own storage space to help make practical day to day stuff like topping up nappies/wipes etc. as simple as possible.

Although we do our utmost to keep children clean, meal times, art times and various other creative play experiences do tend to be messy occasions and we do like the children to enjoy themselves. We encourage you to provide any dummies or comforters your child may have.

A sample of the types of activities the children do within the room:
•   Baby gyms
•   Sensory mats
•   Instruments
•   Treasure baskets
•   Painting, sticking & messy play
•   Sand, water, pasta and gloop play
•   Soft books

All activities are risk assessed and suitable to the age and stage of the children attending.

We have nursery buggies and the babies are taken out either into our spacious garden, weather permitting, or the nearby park to feed the ducks (permission forms are given for out of nursery activities when you start at the setting).

Each child is provided with a contact information book which is a record of what they have been doing throughout the day. This book goes home daily and you are free to add any information/comments of your own. We also complete children’s learning journals online (following the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum). You can have your own app and view/contribute to your children’s progress throughout their time here at nursery.

The staff/child ratio is 1:3 within this room.