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Busy Butterflies

outside play areaThe preschool (3-5 years) consists of two rooms and a small outside play area which allows for free-flow indoor and outdoor activities. We also visit our large garden regularly where the children can run around, play with their friends and use all the physical equipment.

The children have their own bathroom, which they are encouraged to use independently. In this room we follow the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ in which ‘Observations’ form the basis of our planning. Learning is play based and there are many opportunities for the children to develop in all areas.

We have an EYP (Early Years Professional) member of staff who is also our Manager. She works in conjunction with a qualified teacher who works two mornings every week with the children in this room. They concentrate on numeracy, language & literacy as well a range other of activities to prepare them for school.

This is achieved through role-playing and art activities so the children learn through play although there are also more structured activities.

The children have Learning Journals which leave with the children as a lovely re-minder of their time in the nursery. These contain photographs, artwork and observations of your child.

There is a whiteboard in the room, which lists all the day’s activities, the menu of the day and what your child has eaten and verbal handovers are made with parents/carers at the beginning and end of each day.


Staff are always available to discuss your child’s day in more detail if you wish.

A sample of the activities the children do are:

Computer skills.
Colour, shape, number and letter recognition
• Pencil control
• Recognition of their name
• Sand and water play
• Playdough
• Crafts (painting, sticking and making things)
• Role play and dressing up
• Stories, singing and music
• Construction
• Visits to the shops, library and park.

Our daily routine accommodates the individual children’s interests and encourages the children to develop individuality and confidence. The staff/child ratio is 1-8.